Press Release

Press Release

Temptress Is Back With A Vengeance!!! Launches Outrageous Website, Announces Reunion Show

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October 21, 2012, New York City, NY – Temptress is back with a vengeance, launching a new website that is “All Temptress, All The Time” and promises to follow the wild world of Temptress.

The reunion show takes to the streets of NYC, at the Village Halloween Parade. When asked about the show Temptress responded with “Our first over-the-top performance in New York was the Halloween Parade back in 1997. It seemed fitting to bring the original NYC lineup plus special guests together for this reunion.”

The band went on a four-year hiatus after continual touring took its toll.

Today, Temptress is re-energized and surgically improved. The band’s singer and namesake commented about the changes, “We figured it was time to go back to our roots musically” then added, “I needed improvements cosmetically, so I got my face, breasts and booty remodeled.”

The band’smanager, Lee Green, quipped, “WhileTemptress’ new looks are amazing, shewill be the first to admit to going under the knife for numerous procedures. I think she’s trying to beat Joan Riverson amount of surgeries she’s had.”

The new visually striking and entertaining official website ( will follow Temptress and her exploits with celebrities, politicians and professional athletes. The site will feature games, contests, new music and videos.

“We encourage our internet audience to participate, just like a Temptress live show” added the remodeled redhead. Visitors are encouraged to submit stories, pictures and videos, unique rewards and creative prizes will be awarded to the best submissions

The “All Temptress, All The Time” format was created by Temptress and Sissi Fletcher of AdChix (, and is definitely not your momma’s band portal, uniquely designed to integrate mobile ad social platforms. Fletcher, a former gossip columnist, said, “Working with Temptress was the both an honor and a heck of a lot of fun. I think Temptress fans will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed developing it.”

The Village Halloween Parade has become one of the largest festivities in the world and is the largest Halloween celebration in the US. “It’s like playing to a stadium every block, most New Yorkers plan their parade costumes all year,” stated the busty bombshell Temptress. When queried about the rumored special guests and set list for the parade, the curvy siren answered, “Now a girl has to have some secrets, make sure you bring your cameras,” in reference to the many celebrities and musicians that have been part of the world that is Temptress.

The Village Halloween Parade ( is the largest night time parade in the nation — viewed by over 2 million on the Sixth Avenue route and over 4million live on TV.

Named as the Greatest Event on Earth for October 31st, it’s on the top of many “events or parties you must attend before you die” lists.The parade becomes a mile long stage with tens of thousands of costumed walkers, themed floats, marching bands, jugglers, break dancers and street performers.

Temptress, who sees the parade as the highlight of her storied career, emotionally commented, “I’m excited to be back where it all started for us, at this parade, with musicians that are like family, in the greatest city on the planet!”

Temptress plans on announcing dates for an upcoming tour titled: “Out From Under The Knife,” to be announced after the Halloween parade, and coming to cities across the US and Canada.

Let the shows begin!
Press Contact: Skyler Green – (646) 666-3498
Management Contact: Lee Green @ (646) 666-3495


Dress Up as Judy Garland

If you play dress up a lot, (like Temptress) every one wants you to do a Judy Garland impersonation …
Well Temptress has to be fashionably different by doing “Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz as a Crack Whore”…hence the name of the record and tour “Wizard of Odd”…

We think Temptress just wanted to see the Nasty Habits in skimpy little “Scarecrow as a Crack Whore”, “Tinman as a Crack Whore” and Cowardly Lion as a Crack Whore” outfits..

We heard the Wizard of Odd CD Cover photo shoot turned into a wild orgy,,,”with lions and tigers and bears, oh my”… Toto better hide.. Get your own copy, click on the graphic below…

Dress up as Cher

Here’s Temptress all Dressed Up as Cher to the left, doing a punky version of “Turn Back Time”, we hope Diane Warren doesn’t file suit.

On the right, Miss Muffy dresses up a Sonny Bono for a duet with “Cher”, something called “You’re Not You, Babe”.. is nothing sacred? We guess Sonny and Elvis are both spinning in their graves…we wonder who’s next….


Dress Up Lyrics

I want to dress up in your things,
I’d like to show you what it means to me,
To dress up in your femininity,
To be an object of desire and beauty

When I’m myself with all the other girls,
They just can’t be a part of my strange world

And maybe I’m the fool that what’s to dress like you,
Will you show me, show me how I can look like all the other girls..

I want to go with you to town,
And see the places that you have found,
I know you know your way around,
Let me be the queen to wear your crown,

Am I the man, the one who’s fooled the world,
Can I make them think that I’m a pretty girl ?

And maybe I’m the fool that what’s to dress like you,
Will you show me, show me how I can look like all the other girls..

But I don’t know how, I don’t know why,
But maybe now, we’ll find a way to try…

If you let me wear this dress,
I won’t compete with you I must confess,
Let’s try it once, take it to the test,
If I could look like you it would be the best.

Don’t tell me dear you think that its all wrong,
If I looked like you it would make my love grow strong

And maybe I’m the fool that what’s to dress like you,
Will you show me, show me how I can look like all the other girls

Make me look like all the other girls

Make me look like all the other,
I wish I looked like all the other,
Just dress me up like all the other girls

Dress Up with Heather

Here’s another unsuspecting victim, here names is Heather,,,, a real cute one but was kind of dressed like a housewife, so Temptress offered her “makeup” tips.
Heather had to check out the whole “Temptress package” right there on stage, we had to remind her that this is family entertainment….Temptress gave her a nice big wet kiss (tongue included) and sent her on her way back to suburbia.

Of course, Heather now parades around the back yard in corsets, and was recently seen at a PTA meeting in a leather mini, halter top, torn fishnets and 5 inch fuck-me heels,,,, way to go Temptress

Dress Up with Athena

Temptress plays Dress Up with Athena at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The real Dress Up happened much later in the green room.

There were no cameras allowed, but take our word for it, there was more UnDress Up with Temptress and Athena than there was the sharing of clothing. Athena had to bring a friend, Temptress loves to share.


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